Wellness with Colleen: How Colleen has helped the ICG team

Wellness with Colleen

We are incredibly lucky to not only have access to a wellness department but also direct access to our Wellbeing Manager & Organisational Psychologist, Colleen. 
Colleen has been working with the business incredibly closely both within group and bespoke 1-2-1 sessions. 
Having access to her has been a blessing, especially during the height of the pandemic where most of our staff were juggling pressures of new working arrangements and sudden move to working from home.
We have collated some feedback from individuals across the group who were happy to share their experiences. To protect their identity, their names and any references to the department they work in has been removed. 
“I have been having sessions with Colleen now every month for the last 4 months, these are outside of the Employee Wellbeing Webinars. Having these one to one sessions with Colleen has quite literally changed my life, not only in my professional but personal life too. Colleen has helped me learn about myself and the way I function as a person and as an employee in ways I have never thought I would understand. The sessions I have with Colleen are like a breath of fresh air, everything else around me stops and she makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world. To be given the opportunity to have the sessions with Colleen has truly been more valuable than I can put into words. Thank you Colleen for everything.  If anyone hasn’t booked in a session with Colleen yet I cannot recommend it enough!”
“I have heard a lot about this term called – Mental Health, but literally I had no idea how important it is until I experienced being in a bad mental condition, especially since last year. This has led to not only affecting me emotionally but physically as well. I had also heard if you speak to someone professional, who understands the concept of the Mind, this can help you heal, but I couldn’t get that support until I have started the sessions with Colleen, it started in 2020 and now we are in middle of 2021, since having these sessions with Colleen, it literally has changed so much in me, as a person. 
These sessions with Colleen, are more like life lessons which will stay with me as a human being, and I am sure not only will keep benefiting me but will benefit everyone who is associated with me. These are the things/ lessons, which sometimes, we learn the hard way, but I am so fortunate to learn this in such an easy way, which Colleen has made possible. I would urge everyone, to get some time to read what I had to say about my experience, then please get a few minutes out and do engage yourself in these session with Colleen, trust me, you will fall shortage of words (which I am feeling right now) to describe the fountain of good thoughts which gets you drenched in positivity after you attend these sessions. Thank you ICG for introducing us to Colleen Cameron.”
“I will start with a big thanks for your time to work with me on these sessions. We have been working on different topics since last 6 months and I can say these sessions have truly helped me a lot in both professional front and in personal life. I can see the growth in my management skills. This is a great platform for people who feel they need help; the sessions are extremely interactive and works towards finding solutions from a different perspective. I have recommended these sessions to my team members as well and they have also agreed these sessions are very helpful.”
Thank you so much Colleen for your dedication to the hundreds of employees over a multitude of office locations. Nothing is ever too much of an ask and you are always there for those who need it the most. 
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