3 Ways to build morale

3 Ways to build morale

Whether an employee is working together in an office or remotely from another location (or a combination of both), morale is important to keep everyone motivated, provide manageable workloads, and maintain physical and psychological well-being. 
Morale is the enthusiasm, confidence, and discipline of any individual. The interaction of various factors can be the difference between creating or destroying morale, but the latter can be avoided by making everyone within the company excited about their mission and its outcomes. Read about our three ways to build morale and keep people feeling (and performing) at their best.

1. Recognition

Simply telling someone that they’re doing a good job can have a great impact on morale. A study conducted by the WorkHuman Research Institute found that 92% of employees feel more appreciated when being recognized for their work, and 85% commented that this makes their role more satisfying. Recognition is known to motivate staff and give them a sense of accomplishment. 
Furthermore, recognizing an employee’s good work can also lead to higher retention rates, increased productivity, and enhancement of company loyalty. Recognition can be shown in more ways than one- public recognition, private recognition, reviews and evaluations, more responsibility, and monetary awards.

2. Growth

Allowing for opportunities of employees to progress at the company shows that you’re willing to invest in their future and want them to get better at their jobs and this can lead to your team pouring their new knowledge back into the company.
This can be achieved by implementing training and development opportunities such as Leadership Development programmes or mini-courses to learn different skills or enhance current skill sets. Research reviewed by HR Magazine has shown that employees require growth opportunities to stay motivated and engaged otherwise they may leave for a more challenging role. By implementing growth strategies, staff retention may increase, and employees can progress their career.

3. Mental health

Over the course of the past few years, mental health in the workplace has received more attention and rightfully so- burnout is directly tied to morale and mental health. When employees are exposed to consistent stress, burnout is inevitable and leaves them mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. This leads them to losing motivation at work as well as in their personal lives.
One way to avoid burnout altogether is by allowing employees to take the time to mentally gather themselves through breaks during the day or between strenuous tasks and even allowing for a ‘mental health day’ as part of sick leave. Acknowledging these basic needs (especially amongst those with high-stress jobs), keeps employees from suffering from burnout and gives them a moral boost as well.
Re-energizing your staff and restoring their morale can go a long way in more ways than one. More often than not, employees want to be respected, heard, and valued. If you focus on job satisfaction and personal well-being, you can generate morale that lasts. 
At ICG Medical, we take care of our employees and not just in terms of their professional development- we have fun at work and recognize employees’ contributions as well as acknowledging and assisting with their well-being. This is reflected through our values of ‘open’, ‘family’, and ‘passion’. If you want to join a team that cares about your personal and professional well-being, browse through our vacancies or send us your CV and we’ll be in touch if your profile matches relevant positions.