Why work with us?

Our workplace

ICG Medical is a global company, currently spread out across 22 offices, in 13 countries, on 5 continents. But we take pride in making sure that we are one company, with great relationships worked on and maintained amongst all our staff, across all of those offices.

Through constant contact, intercompany communications tools and hard work, we strive to have and share a great day, every day. We find ways to play. We can be serious about our work without being serious about ourselves. We stay focussed in order to be there when our customers and team members need us most.

Our vision

Improving patient care.

We are a company of employees who do a myriad of different things but ultimately what we are here to do is to improve patient care. Simple as that. Every task, every spreadsheet, every call works toward this goal.

Our mission

In all aspects of our work environment and how we interact with nurses, clients and colleagues we aim to work within a structure known as the FISH! Philosophy.

Choose your attitude | Make your day and the day of others | Be there | Play

Our Values Explained


We are completely open and honest both internally and externally. We believe that by being completely transparent we build trust, confidence, and commitment with all around us.


We believe that as one team we will achieve more. By working together and sharing knowledge we gain a greater understanding of the challenges we each face. With a shared purpose and common goal, we will feel inspired and motivated.


We show passion in everything. We take pride in working at ICG Medical and always strive to bring positivity, determination and energy to work. We are more than just colleagues; we are family!

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ICG Employee Wellbeing

Here at ICG, we have our very own Wellbeing Department that facilitates the wellness of all of our employees.

We care about your wellbeing so when you join us, you become a part of our family and our Wellbeing Department is here for you. ICG has recently been rated in the top 5% in our industry for employee mental wellbeing (Peakon, 2021). Your wellness journey awaits.

Learning & Development

People are our passion, and developing our talent is one of the most important jobs we have. Our Learning & Development team has a very clear goal – to contribute to the success of ICG by partnering with our brands and colleagues, driving learning that is enjoyable, effective and measurable.

Our learning is designed to educate, motivate and develop our colleagues, with clear learning journeys that expand upon knowledge and skills. By providing our colleagues with tools to drive career success, everyone can thrive. Our learning aligns with career goals, and continuous sector skills training is key to support the ICG colleague journey. Support and development are a way of life at ICG – we are open, we work hard, we are a family.  

Meet our CEO

Meet Adrian, our CEO. Adrian created ICG Medical in the early 00’s, having previously gained a wealth of experience within the recruitment healthcare industry. Under his guidance, the business has grown exponentially, encompassing new services, and crossing country borders, but what has always remained fundamental, is the focus to improve patient care. Adrian is still very involved in the day-to-day of business and has an open-door policy when it comes to his workforce. He rewards the business with a variety of incentives and social occasions and enjoys nothing more than celebrating a birthday!

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