A day in the life of a Business Manager with Jamie Ren

We love getting to know our Managers! What makes their job interesting, what is unique about working for a healthcare agency, and all the skills that they need to make their job possible. 
Today we spent some time with Jamie Ren, who let us in on the day-to-day life of a Business Manager.
1) Who are you?
Jamie Ren – in Chinese, REN Xiao Jie.
2) What do you do?
Business manager; Beijing setup; client management (as part of business development), service delivery, team development, and overall operations.
3) Where do you work?
Chaoyang District, Beijing City, China.
4) What is your speciality/focus?
I specialize in all professional positions in the healthcare industry: Doctors and nurses for non-public medical institutions; Clinical positions in Pharma and Medical companies; Clinical sales support (doctors or nurses) for medical device companies; Medical professionals for the Internet Healthcare industry. 
5) When did you join us?
In March 2021.
6) Tell us something interesting about your job.
I got to start this office from office selection and business registration, to building a team that delivers for the clients we develop. 
7) Do you have a team? If yes, how many? 
We have a team of 3.
8) What is unique about working for a healthcare agency? 
You will always be proud when there’s any achievement for the well-being of all humans by your client, then you feel like you have contributed to it, as part of that achievement.
9) What do you enjoy most about working for a healthcare agency?
The same as my answer above. 
10) What does it take for someone to work in your position? Are there any specific skills that you need? E.g. Work under pressure, good time management, etc.? 
I have to say that it’s difficult to be someone who works in my position that needs business setup experience and healthcare industry experience. Specific skills include working under pressure, good time management, cross-culture team working, client management, team management and project management. 
11) Tell us something interesting about your day today.
We have feedback from one of our clients who gave us new positions to fill after the national holiday. Also, our file cupboard has been delivered so that we can have a new cabinet with a lock for important files. 
12) What is next on your to-do list?
I have accountant management for the payroll of this month. And website vendors to chase. And internal teams to chase, searching for candidates for the clients, interviewing candidates and presenting, managing the ongoing recruitment processes, and afterwards there is holiday planning. There are many as always. 
Thank you, Jamie, for sharing your work and life with us! It sounds like a busy but rewarding job.
If you’d like to join us or find out more about what it’s like to work for us, get in touch here.