#BreakTheBias with Ingrid Charles

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we asked a selection of our female colleagues a few questions around this year’s theme of #BreakTheBias. Continue reading to hear what Ingrid Charles had to say


Imagine a gender equal world, what does that look like for you?

It looks like beauty. It looks like peace. It looks like happiness. It looks like confidence. It looks like a place where you can breathe freely and the unconscious tension you hold in your body can goooooooooo.

Have you ever experienced a time where a male counterpart was praised over you on a shared project? How did that make you feel and how did you address this?

.... or 'stole' an idea and took credit for it? It's a strange feeling because the concept was alien to me. I stressed a bit, thought about what I should say, how I should say it, tone, language etc. so as not to appear bitter or angry. But I knew it would gnaw at me if I didn't say something, so I did, in a jokey "oh my gosh did you forget this was my idea" way.

This worked, but I was then even more annoyed over how annoyed I had been. #socomplicated

Have you ever challenged gender stereotypes, discrimination and bias?

Every. Single. Day. I am a filmmaker, writer and almost every project I work on is (white) male led.

I'm known as "Miss Why?" I question decisions that I believe are ridiculous, from casting, to dialogue, to locations, to crew.... I write from the pov that the world we see in the media is NOT the real world.

How will you be celebrating International Women’s Day?

With my writer friends trying to fix the world.

Why is gender equality important?

That is a loaded question. The question should be "why isn't gender equality important"?

Do you believe that gender equality in the workplace is improving?

No... sometimes I think it is, (but that is from my creative / artist workplaces. In the money-making world... no).