Celebrating success

One of ICG’s most important jobs is developing our talent. Our Learning and Development team aims to drive learning that is enjoyable, effective and measurable.

We are always celebrating the small wins, the big wins and everything in between. This week’s success story is dedicated to the new Senior Manager for the US Travel Division, Vijay Ram.

Starting at ICG in 2017 as customer service executive, and with many promotions along the way, Vijay has recently reached the 5-year mark with ICG. With lots to show for after 5 years, much of our success these past few years has been due to Vijay's commitment, leadership, focus, and kind heart!

5 Year journey

Joining at a time when NPS scores were not at its best, CEO, Adrian decided to have a team solely dedicated to customer service. Being a team of only 5 people, there was lots of trial and error as many of the challenges nurses faced were regarding payroll. He and his team started working on improving that and became a payroll helpdesk that also assisted with booking challenges. After just 6 months of being in the role, he was promoted to a Senior Executive.

In 2019 Vijay got the opportunity to move to the US healthcare recruitment travel division as a team lead. Not having experience in healthcare recruitment and not knowing where the road would lead him, Vijay jumped at the opportunity and was reassured of success. By doing his best and with the support of his ICG family he made the move and excelled immediately.

At ICG, our learning is designed to educate, motivate and develop our staff, with clear learning journeys that expand upon knowledge and skills. Anyone can thrive when given the right tools to drive career success, and Vijay is the perfect example of that.

Learning & Development

His first few months were about understanding the line of business where he learnt new skills and formed new relationships. The business started increasing from 5 – 10 – 15- 20 and there has been tremendous growth over last few years. Vijay adds that all the staff are dedicated and hardworking. He loves his job because there is an opportunity to promote people who work hard. He was then promoted to Sales Manager in 2020 and in 2021 he became Senior Sales Manger for the global office in India.

There was a time of crisis where his team were working overtime for 6 months, but they did what they needed to in order to capture opportunities and the influx of work. In 2021 his team was one of the fastest growing teams across ICG Medical - in terms of number of promotions for the year, as well as growth in terms of GDP.

Not thinking any of this would be possible in such a short period of time, Vijay now has the opportunity to lead the South African and Philippines teams. The advice he would give someone starting at ICG would be: “If you have the right attribute towards work, and are dedicated, this place can change your life”.

Support and development are a way of life at ICG – we are open, we work hard, we are a family. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Vijay into his new role – a promotion well deserved!  With Vijay at the helm only great success will follow - Congratulations!