Celebrating Youth Day in South Africa

It’s Youth Day in South Africa!

A significant day commemorating the Soweto Uprising of June 16, 1976, Youth Day honors the courage and spirit of the students who protested the apartheid regime’s imposition of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction. This pivotal moment in history not only galvanized the youth of South Africa but also drew global attention to the injustices of apartheid. Today, Youth Day is a celebration of the resilience, energy, and potential of South Africa’s younger generation. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that nearly 20.6 million South Africans are under the age of 35, representing about 37% of the country's population?  

The Superpowers of Today’s Youth 

To celebrate Youth Day, we've asked our youngest employees one simple question: 

"What's one superpower you believe today's youth bring to the working world, and how do you use it to make a difference in your job every day?" 

Their answers are truly inspiring. Here’s a glimpse into how the next generation is shaping the future: 

Jay-Dee - Clinical24 NI

"Creativity, I believe that the youth have many ideas and innovative ways of thinking that make a difference not only in the workplace but in the outside world as well. Every day I think of new ways to approach my work with creativity, and it helps me come up with new ideas and become more confident and resourceful. "

Daniel - Greenstaff Medical UK 

"I think that the people coming into work today bring with them an enthusiasm, an ambition, a hunger for growth, not just for ourselves but for our world as a whole. We know what personal problems we face; we see the issues in society more clearly than ever before, and we are a generation united in solving these problems. 

And I think our awareness of mental health and cultural differences will elevate us - We accept and even celebrate those who see the world through a different lens, and see it for what it is, a strength, a unique and fresh perspective that will allow us to solve problems via new ways. "

Kholosa - ICG Medical

"I believe that today's youth are committed to continuous learning and self-improvement. 

They use this superpower by embracing a growth mindset. They see challenges as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles and consider feedback as a valuable tool for development. They celebrate their efforts and progress and focus on the journey of improvement rather than just the results. "

Kendra-Jane - Greenstaff Homecare USA 

"One superpower that today's youth bring to the working world is their digital fluency. Growing up in an era where technology is deeply integrated into daily life, we have a natural proficiency with digital tools, platforms, and online communication. This skill set enables us to adapt quickly to new technologies, drive innovation, and leverage digital resources for problem-solving and efficiency. 

As the Recruitment Resourcing Team Lead with Greenstaff US Homecare in our fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, I consistently harness my digital fluency and adaptability in my role. I encourage both of my teams to embrace new recruitment tools and platforms that streamline our selection and hiring process. We use advanced applicant tracking systems and social media to find the best candidates swiftly and efficiently. By staying agile and open to change, we can meet the growing demands for quality homecare professionals and ensure we’re always one step ahead in attracting top talent. 

This digital fluency and adaptability not only improve our recruitment outcomes in providing individualized quality care to our cherished clients but also fosters a dynamic and resilient team environment."

Tania - Cromwell Medical Staffing

"My superpower is that I'm a people person. What I bring to the workplace as a youth is I'm kind, you never know what people are going through."

Empowering the Future 

Youth Day is a reminder of the powerful role young people play in shaping a better future. As we celebrate their contributions, let's continue to support and empower them to make a lasting impact in the world.