Creating a Culture of Support

As a growing company, we at ICG Medical understand the importance of welcoming new employees and creating a supportive environment that encourages retention. The first few weeks of a new employee's journey are crucial, as they set the tone for the employee's experience with our company.

Here are some best practices for welcoming new employees to ICG Medical and creating a supportive environment that encourages retention.

Prepare for their arrival

Before a new employee starts, we make sure to have everything ready for them. This includes setting up their workstation, providing any necessary equipment and supplies, and preparing any necessary paperwork. We believe that this will help them feel valued and welcome from the start.

Introduce them to the team

As soon as possible, we introduce the new employee to their team and colleagues. This helps them feel part of the team and get to know their colleagues. We also assign them a "buddy" who can help them navigate their new role and the company culture.

Provide a comprehensive onboarding program

We provide a comprehensive onboarding program that includes information about our company's history, culture, policies, and procedures. We also provide training on the employee's specific role and responsibilities.

Assign a mentor

We assign a mentor to a new employee, which can be incredibly helpful. This provides the employee with a trusted resource to ask questions, seek guidance, and provide feedback. Mentors can also help new employees integrate into our company culture and establish relationships with colleagues.

Set clear expectations

It's essential to set clear expectations for new employees. We provide them with a clear job description, performance expectations, and goals. Clear expectations help new employees understand what is expected of them, which can help reduce stress and improve job satisfaction.

Provide ongoing feedback

We provide ongoing feedback to new employees to help them understand how they are performing and what they can do to improve. This includes regular check-ins with their manager or mentor, as well as formal performance reviews.

Celebrate milestones and achievements

We recognize and celebrate new employee milestones and achievements. This could include celebrating their first day, completing their onboarding program, or achieving a significant accomplishment in their role. Celebrating these milestones helps new employees feel valued and appreciated, which can improve their job satisfaction and retention.

Join our ICG family

In conclusion, welcoming new employees to ICG Medical and creating a supportive environment that encourages retention is essential to the success of our company. By following these best practices, we can help new employees feel valued and supported from the start, which can improve their job satisfaction and encourage them to stay with our company long-term.

If you are looking for a career in recruitment or would like to find out more about what we do, get in touch with us today.