Expansion plans for Greenstaff China

ICG Medical are positioned as global leaders for nursing recruitment with an impact in 12 different countries. In order to create lasting relationships and continue growing at a fast pace, we hire, develop, engage and retain the best talent in the world. 

With the vision to improve patient care, we deliver tailored solutions for our candidates and clients, and are well placed to cater to any staffing requirement - whether that be temporary, contract or permanent recruitment as well as being able to relocate candidates internationally using our global office headquarters as pinpoints across the globe.

Top talent

With 16 years of recruitment experience, Greenstaff Medical Director, Max Price has been leading the movement to open and expand the Greenstaff team in China.

Starting his permanent recruitment journey in 2006, Max has worked his way up to being responsible for 70 people in 4 different locations. Moving to China for work in 2012, has helped him network and create meaningful relationships which have proven useful on his new endeavours with ICG Medical.

Upon Adrian’s (ICG CEO) investigation of opening Greenstaff China, and working with different recruiters, he approached Max with the idea to run with the project. For the last 18 months, Max (UK) and Jamie Ren (Beijing) have been in the UK setting up the business from scratch.

From the ground up

Starting at zero in June 2021, the Greenstaff team has grown to up to 15 people who are based locally in Beijing. There are big plans for Greenstaff China, including a 5-year goal to be a team of 100 people in at least 4 different cities.

Max and Jamie have been setting up the business, including all the bureau registrations, to finding the right location for their office (which can now hold up to 20 people). The business is a bit different to the Greenstaff business globally, as the requirements are different for obtaining an HR license. Greenstaff China have been working with doctors and nurses on permanent placements and have placed 5 people in 3 different companies so far.

Most of the business globally are doing temporary work, picking up shifts and offering extra shifts, but Greenstaff China are not set up for that sort of business up yet. For the moment they are doing permanent recruitment for doctors and nurses into pharmaceutical hospitals, healthcare facilities and internet+ healthcare like telehealth – which is big in China.

Bump in the road

Efforts to get back to China have been difficult for Max. The COVID-19 pandemic has really thrown a spanner in the works with regards to travelling in and out of China. Apart from getting the Chinese vaccine, the Chinese embassy still hasn’t allowed him back into the country. There has been constant back and forth due to Chinas zero covid policy and not opening the border to anybody.

Currently working as close to Chinas hours as possible, Max manages the team from the UK while patiently waiting for news from the Government in Beijing and the Embassy in the UK.

Only up from here

On the plus side, Greenstaff China have recently received their HR license which means they can now build up a staff dispatch license so they can start doing the traditional Greenstaff business and send nurses for extra shifts. This is however a brand-new business which can take 6-12 months to set up. Obtaining government approved software and appropriate licenses for different regions are making this move an ongoing process.

The plan for now is to focus on recruitment. Apart from training, the Greenstaff China team need to ensure they are making regular placements. There are about 25000 private and public hospitals that they can work with in China, and the goal is to eventually work with them all.

Unfortunately, there is no way to chase this process. It could take a day, or it could take a month to receive feedback on next steps. The company can’t do anything outside this situation, and for now it’s just a waiting game. In the meantime, Max is working closely with the team to seal deals with recruiters, consultants, nurses and doctors.

We are very proud of the process thus far and cannot wait to see this unfold. China is the largest economy in the world, so to make this work will be massive. Here’s to growth, development, and a new era of healthcare.

Look out China, here we come!