ICG is about family

At ICG Medical, we take pride in making sure that we are all a family, maintaining great relationships with our staff all over the world.

Globally our staff make vast contributions to our company culture and strive to make working at ICG a wonderful experience where everyone feels the positivity.

Company values

ICG values include being open and honest, showing passion and pride in all that we do, and being a family. We believe that as one team we will achieve more. By working together and sharing knowledge we gain a greater understanding of the challenges we each face. With a shared purpose and common goal, we will feel inspired and motivated.

Managing Director, Beth says, “I feel very proud to be part of the ICG family; working with like-minded people, in an environment that is dynamic, challenging and rewarding. There are real opportunities for growth and personal development and a range of resources available to support you along the path to success”.

Through constant contact, intercompany communications tools and hard work, we strive to have and share a great day, every day. We find ways to play, but we can be serious about our work too, without being serious about ourselves. We stay focussed in order to be there when our customers and team members need us most.

Our people are our passion

People are our passion, and developing our talent is one of the most important jobs we have. Our Learning and Development team has a very clear goal – to contribute to the success of ICG by partnering with our brands and colleagues, driving learning that is enjoyable, effective and measurable.

Our learning is designed to educate, motivate and develop our colleagues, with clear learning journeys that expand upon knowledge and skills. By providing our colleagues with tools to drive career success, everyone can thrive.

Customer Success Manager, Alex adds, “ICG has offered me opportunities unthinkable when I first started at 18 years old! I was lucky to work in ICG’s many global offices on a long-term secondment – experiencing a different country and culture, which was incredible. I’ve even been fortunate enough to had investment from ICG to help build a business! What’s great is that anyone can have these opportunities if you work hard and perform. They are unique to this company because of the rapid growth, global reach and promotion opportunities internally”.

We care about the wellbeing of our staff - we are more than just colleagues; we are family! ICG has also recently been rated in the top 5% in our industry for employee mental wellbeing (Peakon, 2021).

Support and development are a way of life at ICG – we are open, we work hard, we are a family.  If you want to join our team and be a part of this incredible family, get in touch with us today!