ICG Journeys: An interview with Lovely Ahuja

Interview with Lovely Ahuja

Here at ICG Medical, we are always looking to speak to top talent across the world to join our ever-growing family. Rather than us telling you all the great things there is to hear about working with us, we have asked some of our team to talk to you about a big move they have made with ICG Medical.
We speak to Lovely, Senior Quality Analyst & Call Coach, who works for ICG Medical in the UK about her experience of relocating from our global office in India to the UK. 
Hi Lovely! Thank you for sharing your experience with us today. We already know which team you work for, could you tell us when you relocated to London?
Yes, it was 16 September 2020.
Amazing, so you have recently celebrated your 1-year anniversary - congratulations! How did ICG support this move? 
ICG was very helpful from the start till after we arrived in London from helping with Visa applications, pick-up from the airport and we also received welcome gifts from ICG along with our kitchen full of groceries, breakfast and more. Most importantly, I can never forget the concern from our CEO Adrian who had a 1-2-1 chat with me in the India office and asked me how I was feeling about moving to London and if I had any questions related to the move.
How did you feel when the move was upon you?
I accepted this move as a wonderful life changing opportunity and moving to London was like dream come true for me for which I can never thank ICG enough for. I have started my work life and newlywed life in this amazing city and am very grateful.
If someone else was thinking of doing the same move, what recommendations could you give?
The best thing we did before moving to London was booking an Airbnb rather than finding a place to rent straight away. 
Otherwise, I will recommend not to overpack anything as London has got everything you need easily accessible and at very good prices. Oh, and do not forget to enjoy the process!
What is your favourite thing about London?
London is pure magic; it has the most captivating scenery and of course the wide range of beer!
Thank you so much Lovely for taking the time to speak to us, we noticed you recently took a trip back to India (after the chaos of the pandemic) and that you spent some time in the office too. Welcome back, we missed you! It is a delight to have such a ray of sunshine like yourself working with us. We will leave you now to get on with your day!
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