Top qualities a great recruiter must have

From building new relationships to earning great money, working in recruitment can be extremely rewarding.

There is no doubt that an excellent recruiter is a valuable asset to businesses in all industries. But in addition to a strong work ethic, becoming a recruiter also requires a unique set of recruitment skills.

On LinkedIn, there are nearly two million users whose job titles include "recruiter." But what makes a recruiter great?

What characterizes an excellent recruiter?

Good recruiters go above and beyond the call of duty. They make sure that their business consistently recruits and retains quality employees. A few other great qualities include:

Excellent communication skills

The recruiter is the primary link between a company and a candidate, regardless of the position they are attempting to fill. They can either attract or discourage a candidate from applying based on the impression they make.

Relationship building

A recruiter needs to be a people’s person since they deal with a variety of people on a daily basis. A recruiter needs to be an excellent connector who enjoys meeting new people, knows how to take advantage of every networking opportunity, and knows how to convert it into business results. It is essential to have excellent relationship-building skills with everyone participating in the process.


Working with a variety of candidates and clients on a daily basis will mean you have to manage several projects and duties all at once. It's crucial to remember the specifics of various positions, businesses, and people in order to function effectively and efficiently.

Time management

Recruiters usually have a time frame in mind while looking for candidates. Either because a current employee is leaving, or because the company's operations or revenue are being impacted by the vacant position. Companies want to keep hiring times as low as possible. Therefore, being able to adhere to this time frame and manage their time across numerous roles is one of the essential traits of a great recruiter.

Target driven

The recruiting sector is highly competitive and target-driven, thus a recruiter must be able to perform well under pressure, be target-oriented, ambitious, and results-driven. Basic salary and additional performance-related rewards, commonly known as OTEs or on target earnings, are typically offered by recruitment firms. If you are not someone who is motivated by goals, you should think twice about whether this is the correct profession for you.

Is recruitment for you?

If you're a people’s person with excellent communication skills and have a passion to find great jobs for qualified candidates, you've already ticked off most of the boxes. Even if you lack formal HR education, you can begin changing the lives of job applicants and businesses today.

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