Transforming Healthcare Recruitment: ICG Medical's Commitment to Transparency, Feedback, and Candidate Experience

At ICG Medical, we understand that the recruitment landscape is often clouded by misconceptions. Many believe that recruiters are unresponsive, lack transparency, and fail to provide adequate feedback. These negative perceptions can overshadow the essential role recruiters play in connecting talented individuals with meaningful career opportunities.  

However, we are committed to changing this narrative. As a premium healthcare recruitment agency led by knowledgeable leaders who prioritise the candidate's experience, our mission is to ensure that every candidate, whether they join our team or not, has a positive and supportive interaction with us. 

Zara Kavalieratos, our Head of Talent Acquisition, shared her thoughts on our recruitment process: 

“There are many perspectives one can take when looking at a career in talent acquisition, or at a talent acquisition team as an outside observer. I have found there are a lot of negative beliefs around recruiters in general, namely around recruiters being unresponsive to messages and applications, not giving adequate feedback (or any feedback, actually) when the candidate is unsuccessful, as well as not being transparent and honest about what is expected from the job interviewed for and salary banding that might be offered dependent on experience. 

At ICG Medical, we have made a concerted effort to focus on this negative perspective and, in general, feedback we receive from candidates we interview, and to wholeheartedly improve this. Excitingly, we are embarking on a new perspective towards recruitment and candidate experience to ensure that not only does the business benefit from top-tier talent, but that the candidates benefit from an incredibly healthy interview and onboarding experience when joining our business. However, we want every candidate that interviews with us to feel this way, regardless of whether we offer them employment or not. 

This quarter, we have brought on a new system that allows us to send out candidate experience surveys for the recruitment process we utilise, as well as candidates’ onboarding experience in the business. The candidate experience survey is designed to go out to new employees on their first day with us, to understand how they found our recruitment process, as well as the interview process, they underwent, and whether it was positive or if they had feedback for us. The surveys are kept entirely anonymous, this allows candidates to be transparent and feel comfortable sharing their genuine insights. The second survey we implore is an onboarding survey which is delegated after the first month of working for ICG Medical. This is to understand how their training experience and transition into our business was – whether we missed anything they would have liked to be trained on, or if there is anything we can improve to ensure the experience is positive and supportive. 

There are too many businesses that do not focus on candidate experience and the ‘human’ quality of recruitment. Some forget that every candidate interviewed is a person, and that every person has a family to support, goals they want to achieve, and their own career aspirations. The human element is the most important consideration you can have – lose that, and you lose the top-quality talent you bring into your business. The success of a business depends on its people, and the employees of a business depend on the business succeeding and achieving its goals. One cannot work without the other!” 

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We believe in the power of community engagement and the human element in recruitment. Every candidate we interview is a person with dreams, aspirations, and a family to support. By focusing on the human aspect, we not only attract top-tier talent but also foster a supportive and empathetic work environment. 

At ICG Medical, we know that the success of our business depends on our people, and we are dedicated to nurturing their growth and well-being. We invite you to be part of this journey. Join our team and experience a recruitment process that values you as an individual and supports your career aspirations. 

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Together, we can redefine the future of healthcare recruitment.