How to prepare for a video interview

How to prepare for a video interview

Video interviews have become quite popular and are becoming the norm for many recruiters. If you’ve got a video interview scheduled and you want to put your best foot forward, read our top 5 tips to help you get through it…

1. Test your technology

There’s nothing worse that fidgeting with your technology when you’re meant to focus on the interview. It doesn’t just break your concentration and potentially cause you to panic at a time when you should be composed, but it can also cause the interviewer to become frustrated (remember that their time is valuable, too!). Do the following checks before your interview:
  • Interview connection is stable
  • Devices are charged
  • Test the software platform (MS Teams, Zoom, etc.) with a friend
  • Software platforms are easily accessed (keep your log-in and password information at hand)
  • Camera and microphone work (and they’re switched on and unmuted during the call)

2. Sit in a quiet area

Consider whether it’s best to have an interview in a noisy area compared to a quiet one- If you guessed that a peaceful space is the best, you guessed correctly! If you don’t have a quiet space at your location, try to find somewhere without distractions. You could even sit in your car (just don’t forget to replace your background with a blur or replacement image).

3. Dress for success

First impressions last and your attire will be a big part of that when you’ve got a video interview. Dress like you would if the interview were at the employer’s premises. They’ll only be able to see your top half, so at least that should be presentable. Do the checks from top to bottom (even though they cannot see the bottom!).

4. Practice your body language

Are you the kind of person who starts to look away when you start speaking about something? Do you start fidgeting with your hair when you’re nervous? Do you have a habit of slouching? If any of these apply to you, practice your body language before the interview. Sit up straight, keep eye contact, and make sure your hands have something else to hold on to if they happen to start wandering. Your body language says a lot about you, and (especially in an interview) you want it to convey calmness, composure, professionalism, and most of all respect to their person with whom you’re speaking.

5. Be on time (or 5 minutes early)

As with any kind of meeting, being on time shows that you are not only prepared, but that you’re respectful of the person whom you’re meeting. If you’re a few minutes early, then even better! It gives you time to make sure that your camera is working, you’re able to log in to the meeting, and your microphone isn’t muted. 
Companies want to hire someone who will be competent and professional, and a big part of that is being organized and prepared. How you start your first interaction with them (apart from seeing your updated resume) will help them to determine whether you’re a good fit. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression- So why not make it a great one? 
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